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Rushy Servers is the home to many beloved and heavily customised gamemodes for Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among other titles. These gamemodes range from Achievement/Idle and Zombie Survival, to other oddities such as Equally Randomised and Smash Bros.

All donations go back into running and upgrading existing servers, building new servers and/or creating more custom plugins. About AU$260 a month is spent on maintaining these servers.


For the duration of any active subscription, donors will recieve the following benefits:

The following benefits last forever after the first donation is made:

More benefits are planned for release. You will get access to these automatically at no extra cost. Additionally, if Rushy Servers releases new gamemodes/Source engine hostings in the future, you will get benefits for these automatically.


After paying for a subscription, the Team Fortress 2 benefits will be accessible once paypal verifys payment, usually within 1-2 minutes. Rushy Servers forum benefits are applied manually and as such may not be enacted for a full 24 hours.

There is no limit to the number of times a single account can donate. Paying for an additional subscription will simply add to any existing subscriptions.

Your donator name is what your Steam profile name is at the time of a donation. It will update when you make another donation, unless you ask on the forums for your donator name to be changed. If a change is deemed distasteful, the donator name will be renamed to the next available and appropriate name.



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Molly The Monetization Bear






Chang Thunderwang


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Happy Taco



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The minimum amount of money required for donation. Ranges from AU$5 to AU$9.99, where each dollar amounts to 4 days of having donator benefits.


Donations between AU$10 and AU$39.99 will net a 33.6% discount since the previous rank, a jump of 30 days. Now, for every two dollars, a total of 12 days will be added to your donator subscription.


Donations above and including AU$40 will net an additional 33.9% discount since the previous rank and a total discount of 56.2% since the first, a jump of 125 days. For each AU$40, a full 365 days of donator benefits is granted.

AU$ = days of benefits

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(examples: STEAM_0:0:99999999 or or


  • Becoming a donator does not exempt you from the server rules, nor does it prevent your account from being banned or muted from breaking these rules.

  • There is no guarantee your favorite servers will be up for as long as you have donator benefits.

  • There is no guarantee of any refund at all in the unlikely event that Rushy Servers closes or Valve changes their policies to prevent certain server donation rewards. You accept this possibility and you may not file a chargeback or dispute in this situation.

  • Disputing or attempting to reverse a payment may result in a permanent ban from all Rushy Servers gaming and communication outlets.

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